Album 0355: James LaBrie – Static Impulse


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. One More Time (04:17)
2. Jekyll Or Hyde (03:47)
3. Mislead (04:19)
4. Euphoric (05:10)
5. Over The Edge (04:21)
6. I Need You (04:12)
7. Who You Think I Am (03:58)
8. I Tried (03:59)
9. Just Watch Me (04:19)
10. This Is War (04:30)
11. Superstar (03:33)
12. Coming Home (04:25)
13. Jekyll Or Hyde (demo) (03:49)
14. Coming Home (alternative mix) (04:24)

Total Length: 59:00

One More Time has an obnoxious first few bars, but past that the riffs are cool and harsh vocals are totally unexpected but welcome. James’ vocals come in on the chorus and it’s pretty great. The harsh vocals are from the drummer, and there’s also backing vocals by the keyboardist so there’s a wide range on here. The song is pretty well done, overall. Jekyll Or Hyde kind of has a shaky start, mostly because I don’t like processing on James’ vocals in the verse. The chorus sounds great, again mixing the vocals together.

Mislead is kind of basic, though really all the songs to this point have been. They are just plain enjoyable though, I can’t dislike them. Euphoric is just decent. I don’t really know what the song was getting at but I suppose it sounds kind of nice. Over The Edge has some really cool rhythms to it, they’re cool to hear. I Need You starts off sounding like a melodeath song, and the song is good again but nothing really special. None of it sticks with me.

Who You Think I Am is much the same. Just average and plain. I Tried is at least memorable in the chorus but that’s it. Just Watch Me has some cool instrumental bits in it though. This Is War is fairly good and heavy. Superstar is alright. Coming Home is probably the best song on here honestly, and it’s the ballad. I’m just a total sucker for it and it catches me in the gut. The demo of Jekyll Or Hyde has the keyboard player singing the lead. He’s not great but it’s kind of neat to hear, still. Coming Home is an allternate mix but I can’t really place the differences. Still a great song though. For me, this is just an average album. Nothing really sets it apart.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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