Album 0359: The Who – Who’s Next


Release Date: 1971
Genre: Rock


1. Baba O’Riley (05:09)
2. Bargain (05:34)
3. Love Ain’t For Keeping (02:11)
4. My Wife (03:43)
5. The Song Is Over (06:16)
6. Getting In Tune (04:51)
7. Going Mobile (03:44)
8. Behind Blue Eyes (03:42)
9. Won’t Get Fooled Again (08:34)
10. Pure And Easy (04:22)
11. Baby Don’t You Do It (05:15)
12. Too Much Of Anything (04:26)
13. I Don’t Even Know Myself (04:57)
14. Behind Blue Eyes (03:28)
15. Baby Don’t You Do It (08:22)
16. Getting In Tune (06:37)
17. Love Ain’t For Keeping (04:07)
18. Won’t Get Fooled Again (08:49)

Total Length: 01:34:04

Baba O’Riley is a classic track for a very simple reason, it’s just an excellent song. There are multiple hooks, and each of them could serve a song by themselves. Put it together, and you have a longer intro everyone knows. What doesn’t get stated enough is the cool little jam at the end, and it makes me sad that that doesn’t go on any longer. Maybe in the live versions it does. The chorus is also quite catchy and memorable.

Bargain is a step down for me. If I hadn’t heard the previous song, it might gets some nods, but in comparison it’s a weaker song in most aspects, and the chorus honestly almost annoys me. Love Ain’t For Keeping has that same issue in the chorus, but this song isn’t nearly as long and has some neat acoustic guitar stuff you can pay attention to. My Wife is odd but I kind of dig it. It doesn’t overstay its welcome either, and even has some slight use of horns. The stereo vocals are cool too.

The Song Is Over could easily pass for an Elton John song. Like seriously, that sharp uptake is straight off of Rocket Man. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just a weird thing to notice. I mostly enjoy this song, I think the last minute could be gone without, but it’s not a big issue. Getting In Tune starts off really cheesy, like almost unbelievably so. I almost don’t mind though. I find this track to be right at average, I have no strong feelings about it.

Going Mobile is an odd sort of fun, it again sounds like another band, though with me being mostly unfamiliar with The Who I think it’s very easy for one of their songs to do that. I really like the synths in here as well as the ridiculous guitar solo. Behind Blue Eyes is one of those songs that I’ve heard for a long time, but had no idea of its real name or who did it for that same time period. Hearing this in full is much better, and I quite like it.

Won’t Get Fooled Again is again one of the band’s most well known songs. It mostly holds up to that status, but mostly in the intro and the ending. The middle part of the song starts to lose me, but not entirely. Pure And Easy is kind of not notable to me at all. As soon as it’s done I completely forget it even just played. Baby Don’t You Do It is kind of a blues song and it has some neat moments but doesn’t go anywhere.

Too Much Of Anything is fairly nice, but again just isn’t memorable to me. I Don’t Even Know Myself has that issue of ‘slightly annoying chorus’ but other than that it’s at the same level as the previous track. Behind Blue Eyes is the original recording of it that was scrapped, as are the following four tracks after it. This version is just as good. Baby Don’t You Do It kind of slaps me in the face for thinking the earlier version was too long, as this adds on another three minutes. Same opinion as before.

Getting In Tune is mostly the same, still find the song decent. Love Ain’t For Keeping is an electric version, and the track still just has annoying qualities. Won’t Get Fooled Again is much the same as the final version too, so you can apply what I said there. This album took a few spins to really grasp hold of, it wasn’t immediately understandable. I still think that most of the songs are really nothing special, but the ones that aren’t are quite memorable.

Final Rating: 7/10


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