Album 0362: Leftöver Crack – Fuck World Trade


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Ska


1. Clear Channel (Fuck Off!) (04:15)
2. Life Is Pain (04:37)
3. Burn Them Prisons (03:15)
4. Gang Control (02:42)
5. Super Tuesday (04:00)
6. Via Sin Dios (02:15)
7. Feed The Children (Books Of Lies) (03:22)
8. One Dead Cop (03:39)
9. Ya Can’t Go Home (03:14)
10. Rock The 40 Oz. (02:29)
11. Soon We’ll Be Dead (05:35)
12. Gringos Son Puercos Feos (03:09)
13. Operation: M.O.V.E. (10:25)

Total Length: 52:57

Clear Channel (Fuck Off!) has a super lengthy intro relative to the song length, and it’s cool but goes on a bit long. The rest of the song has some great riffs and such. The ending bit is just stupid though. Life Is Pain has a nice change up in styles throughout the song, which keeps it interesting. Again the outro/interlude is unnecessary. Burn Them Prisons is fairly fun but I can’t say I enjoy the lyrics.

Gang Control is the same idea. Cool music, unnecessarily harsh lyrics. Super Tuesday is fairly nice. Same goes for Via Sin Dios where I’m just listening for the nice melodies at this point. Feed The Children (Books Of Lies) is fairly good, I enjoy it. One Dead Cop is nice but obviously the title and lyrics aren’t something I like.

Ya Can’t Go Home is okay, but I’m really tired of that line honestly. Rock The 40 Oz. is pretty awesome honestly though. Soon We’ll Be Dead is as well, it kind of takes a calmer Celtic feel, and that’s somewhat interesting. Gringos Son Puercos Feos is fairly decent. That’s about all I can say. Operation: M.O.V.E. is neat song with neat ideas, but I can’t say I love it. The instrumental after the song is over is good too. This album has things I like about it, but is presented in a very unpleasant manner. I know that was intentional, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Final Rating: 7/10


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