Album 0364: Guttermouth – Gusto


Release Date: 2002
Genre: Punk/Pop


1. Camp Fire Girl #62 (02:56)
2. Scholarship In Punk (02:15)
3. Gusto (02:13)
4. Vacation (02:52)
5. Contagious (02:52)
6. Pee In The Shower (02:30)
7. Walk Of Shame (02:34)
8. My Town (02:37)
9. Contribution (02:18)
10. Foot-Long (01:56)
11. Looking Out For #1 (01:49)
12. Twins (02:10)
13. My Girlfriend (02:36)
14. Lemon Water (03:20)

Total Length: 34:56

Camp Fire Girl #62 is a very fun song with funny lyrics, fitting title, and interesting combinations of styles throughout the song. Scholarship In Punk is a great little song, very catchy and I like the rhythms in it. Gusto is kind of southern-styled but still has their style, it’s quite upbeat. Vacation is decent, almost boring though. It sounds like something any other band could do, to be honest.

Contagious is actually boring to me though. It’s just one not very good riff repeated over and over and I get tired of it quickly. Pee In The Shower is okay, nothing special but not every song can be I suppose. Walk Of Shame is on about the same level. Just average. My Town is weird but good. It’s at least interesting and offers something different. Contribution is fairly fine, I like the rhythms in it.

Foot-Long is more of a gimmick, it’s fine but would be better if it was cut in half, even short as it is. Looking Out For #1 is kind of pirate influenced, it’s neat. Twins is just plain boring to me. My Girlfriend is fun and upbeat though. Lemon Water has a nice idea that is played out too long. This album has some good moments but overall just doesn’t catch me, there’s nothing that will keep me coming back.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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