Album 0366: Ronald Jenkees – Disorganized Fun


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Electronic


1. Disorganized Fun (04:12)
2. Fifteen Fifty (04:36)
3. Guitar Sound (07:03)
4. Synth One (03:23)
5. Throwing Fire (04:55)
6. Minimal MC (02:45)
7. Stay Crunchy (04:09)
8. Inverted Mean (04:05)
9. Outer Space (05:05)
10. Let’s Ride (03:06)
11. It’s Getting Rowdy (03:16)

Total Length: 46:34

Disorganized Fun is an upbeat, fun song that keeps driving forward and never lets up. Pretty much what you would hope for on an opening track. Fifteen Fifty slows things down some but is kind of boring at times. There are some neat ideas, but it feels too much like he’s letting the keyboard play itself instead of the other way around. Guitar Sound has a dumb title that seems like a working title that never got changed. The music though is pretty good and stays consistent yet changing throughout.

Synth One has the same title issue, and isn’t as good of a song. Throwing Fire is a decent track, it’s length is a bit too much though. Minimal MC is boring to be honest, at least it’s shorter. Stay Crunchy has some nice moments at least, and puts the album back on track momentarily. Inverted Mean has some neat ideas in it but they honestly aren’t expressed well. Personally I think the issue is that this track was probably meant to be the backing for a rap track.

Outer Space is nice. Let’s Ride is goddamn terrible. This man should never rap again. It sounds like crap and the lyrics are bullshit lies and the most generic crap I’ve ever heard. It’s Getting Rowdy of course has to be a rap as well, and it’s even worse. How did this man think these were okay to release? These two tracks bring the whole damn album down. I was ambivalent to good on the rest of it, but these two are so bad it makes me not want to listen to anything else he does.

Final Rating: 6/10


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