Album 0367: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Ska-Core, The Devil, And More


Release Date: 1993
Genre: Ska/Punk/Hardcore


1. Someday I Suppose (03:27)
2. Think Again (01:57)
3. Lights Out (00:51)
4. Police Beat (02:10)
5. Simmer Down (03:35)
6. Drugs And Kittens/I’ll Drink To That/Howwhywuz Howwhyam (38:44)

Total Length: 50:43

Someday I Suppose is one of the band’s most well known songs, and was rerecorded on a later album. That version is a bit more polished and I prefer it, but the song in any form is fantastic. I’m not sure how you could dislike this. Think Again was originally by Minor Threat, and it’s more of a hardcore track. It’s decent, but honestly does nothing for me. Lights Out was by Angry Samoans and it is awesome. Just a fast little catchy song.

Police Beat is a cover of SSD, it’s heavy and I don’t really enjoy it. Simmer Down was by The Wailers, it’s more a reggae track and it is fantastic. It gets stuck in my head incredibly easy and I love the rhythms in it. The last few tracks are live and of varying quality. Drugs And Kittens and I’ll Drink To That are both decent but kind of boring in all honesty. Then there is over 25 minutes of silence, accounting for the absurd track length. Howwhywuz Howwhyam is a lot of fun though. Really there’s only one or two songs I come back to this EP for, and that’s not enough to save it.

Final Rating: 6/10


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