Album 0368: The Aquabats! – The Return Of The Aquabats!


Release Date: 1995
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Playdough! (03:40)
2. Martian Girl! (03:46)
3. Ska Robot Army! (02:12)
4. Idiot Box! (02:12)
5. Pinch And Roll! (04:21)
6. Tarantula! (03:43)
7. Marshmallow Man! (02:58)
8. Aquabat March! (03:14)
9. CD Repo Man! (03:17)
10. It’s Crazy, Man! (05:06)

Total Length: 34:29

Playdough! is an amazing track for the band even this early in their career. It plays on nostalgia and is just overall fun. It gets stuck in my head quite easily and the arrangement is actually pretty mature. Martian Girl! is great as well, I still really enjoy it. The lyrics are a ton of fun, and the chorus is just plain great. Ska Robot Army! is a couple of good ideas and that’s about it. Never been one of my favorite songs.

Idiot Box! kind of goes right against the first song in a sense, but it still plays on those same ideas and it’s a fun track. Pinch And Roll! is kind of a dirtier song than the band would do not, and kind of too long but it’s neat. Tarantula! is a bit long as well but it’s nice that they were trying something different here. Marshmallow Man! is probably my least favorite track on here, I only really like the bridge in it.

Aquabat March! has a memorable hornline, and it kind of shows how they felt and is in line with even what they’re doing today. CD Repo Man! is a fun idea and completely outdated now of course. Doesn’t stop it from being an entertaining song. It’s Crazy, Man! is a lot of fun, I kind of wish they could have revisited it at some point. There is a small gap of silence and a dumb hidden bit too. I enjoy this little album, but it’s kind of useless. Three out of the four best songs got redone on the next album, and so why not just listen to them there?

Final Rating: 7/10


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