Album 0369: Spock’s Beard – V


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. At The End Of The Day (16:28)
2. Revelation (06:05)
3. Thoughts (Part II) (04:39)
4. All On A Sunday (04:04)
5. Goodbye To Yesterday (04:40)
6. The Great Nothing

    I. From Nowhere
    II. One Note
    III. Come Up Breathing
    IV. Submerged
    V. Missed Your Calling
    VI. The Great Nothing (27:03)

Total Length: 01:03:00

At The End Of The Day is a massive start to the album, with some interesting instrument choices to compliment vibe the song is trying to push. The build up of the melodies and the band getting more and more into it over the first couple minutes is quite catchy. The whole song changes tone and style a few times throughout, but always goes back to that main melody. It’s a great song that absolutely deserves its length.

Revelation is quite intriguing. The verses sound as if he’s in a more subdued mood, almost scared. The chorus though is more angry, and the contrast works well for me. Very memorable song when all is said and done. Thoughts (Part II) has a ton of great moments in it, it’s a really complex song for its relatively shorter length, compared to some of the other tracks on the album. Quite enjoyable overall. All On A Sunday was the single for the album, which kind of feels odd saying about this band. It definitely has that feeling to it though. I like it, but not as much as some of the other tracks.

Goodbye To Yesterday is quite nice too. The title of the song, when sung, gets completely stuck in my head. The Great Nothing has a big opening in it, and it’s so freaking good. This instrumental section comprises From Nowhere, and it’s good on its own and as the intro. One Note is very nice and calm. Come Up Breathing is a bigger section that is all over the place, and is pretty great. One of my favorite moments is when the bass goes nuts suddenly and a bunch of weird noises are thrown in. It’s jarring but works. Submerged and Missed Your Calling keep everything going, and it’s all very good. The Great Nothing brings everything back around, reprising the second section to cap things off. This song is big and beautiful, not quite as catchy as some others with this length that I’ve heard, but still very nice. This album eventually caught hold of me and is extremely pleasurable to listen through.

Final Rating: 8/10

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