Album 0370: Emperor – Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And Demise

Emperor - Prometheus The Discipline Of Fire Demise - Front

Release Date: 2001
Genre: Black Metal


1. The Eruption (06:29)
2. Depraved (06:32)
3. Empty (04:16)
4. The Prophet (05:41)
5. The Tongue Of Fire (07:11)
6. In The Wordless Chamber (05:13)
7. Grey (05:06)
8. He Who Sought The Fire (05:29)
9. Thorns On My Grave (05:56)

Total Length: 51:51

The Eruption has a fitting intro, it’s dark and creepy. When the song gets going, I feel a riff or two leaves something to be desired but overall it’s a strong showing. It feels all over the place and is hard for me to ‘picture’ in my head but I like it while it’s on. Depraved is more of the same, nothing really catches my ear. In one and out the other. Empty is a step up though, it’s a lot more digestible and has moments that stick with you.

The Prophet is a solid song, I can’t say anything bad about it necessarily. The Tongue Of Fire is much the same, except it gets the distinction of being the longest track yet, and so seems proportionally a bit more boring. In The Wordless Chamber has some fantastic moments, it really embraces the symphonic elements more than some of the other tracks have. Grey is another track that raises the bar some. It’s highly enjoyable.

He Who Sought The Fire is fairly good as well. This last section of the album knocks it most of the way out of the park at least. Thorns On My Grave is kind of more nuts and crazy than some of the other tracks, and the symphonic parts are quite nice. The song does do what some of the others don’t, it gets stuck in my head after it’s over. This album is pretty dense and I still don’t fully understand it. While it does get better on repeated listens, I think there are some issues with it that I will never fully get over.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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