Album 0371: Tortoise – Millions Now Living Will Never Die


Release Date: 1996
Genre: Post Rock


1. Djed (20:57)
2. Glass Museum (05:29)
3. A Survey (02:52)
4. The Taut And Tame (05:02)
5. Dear Grandma And Grandpa (02:50)
6. Along The Banks Of Rivers (05:52)

Total Length: 43:02

Djed is, for me, the centerpiece of the album. It wouldn’t be worth half its weight without this track. The opening is calm, it draws you in to the atmosphere. Like walking through door after door until you’re firmly in dreamland. The second section where the drums come in is a bit more upbeat, probably the closest the song gets to a traditional song. The next ten minutes are so are just pretty much fantastic, and does a few different things while keeping the hypnotic abilities of post rock. The last couple minutes sound a bit more like a hip hop backing track, but it’s not bad enough to bring down the whole quality of the song as there are references to the rest of the track in it.

Glass Museum is pretty cool, I really enjoy the percussion and there is a nice buildup in the track. A Survey is more like a solo bass track and pretty enjoyable if a bit repetitive. The Taut And Tame is a neat idea but kind of stretched thin for me. Just goes on a bit too long with no real payoff. Dear Grandma And Grandpa has some okay ideas but I find the track a bit boring. Along The Banks Of Rivers has some similarities with a film soundtrack, and that makes me like it just for that, oddly. Like I said, I wouldn’t listen to this album very often if it weren’t for the first track. It’s just so good.

Final Rating: 8/10


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