Album 0372: Wuthering Heights – Far From The Madding Crowd


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Power/Folk Metal


1. Gather Ye Wild (01:47)
2. The Road Goes Ever On (07:52)
3. Tree (05:06)
4. Longing For The Woods: I. The Wild Children (05:37)
5. Highland Winds (06:58)
6. Longing For The Woods: II. The Ring Of Fire (06:17)
7. The Bollard (03:32)
8. Bad Hobbits Die Hard (03:24)
9. Longing For The Woods: III. Herne’s Prophecy (08:41)
10. Land Of Olden Glory (06:22)
11. Lament For Lorien (05:55)
12. The Tapdancer/Gather Ye Wild (Reprise) (04:08)

Total Length: 01:05:40

Gather Ye Wild starts with one of the few tracks that sound good when played on bagpipes, before becoming a slightly more generic but still good symphonic opening. The Road Goes Ever On has an amazing intro and leads itself into a fantastic rest of the song as well. The verses are catchy, the chorus begs you to sing along, and the overall feeling just gets you pumped. The ending is somber and beautiful too, just an amazing song overall.

Tree has some fairly cool riffs and even cooler lyrics. I just highly enjoy the layered vocals and overall flow of the song, as stilted as it is at times. The Longing For The Woods saga or whatever begins with The Wild Children. The opening guitar bits are pretty neat, if generic. The rest of the song is a smooth ride through awesome melodies and riffs though. Highland Winds of course takes on that highland vibe, maybe not as well as it could, but I like the effort. I really like the character presented here, and I can’t help but sing along. The last minute I feel is just too much, kind of goes on too long for me. Not a huge deal though.

The Ring Of Fire continues the Longing trilogy, it’s not as good as the other parts, but still a solid song through and through. The Bollard is more of a ballad. It’s actually a cover, and quite a good one at that. I get really into it. Bad Hobbits Die Hard is a fast and hard instrumental. Just a nice collection of riffs and solos. The Longing trilogy caps off with Herne’s Prophecy, the longest portion. It brings back riffs and melodies from the previous parts while being its own thing, it’s pretty great.

Land Of Olden Glory is pretty fantastic, it just does everything right for me. Lament For Lorien manages to be even better though. Probably the most Tolkien of lyrics past the second song, it caps off the regular album beautifully. I love the atmosphere it presents. The Tapdancer/Gather Ye Wild (Reprise) is a bonus track, a mostly solo guitar thing. The first three minutes are fun, but the last bit, the reprise, is too guitar wanky for me. Too much Hendrix playing the national anthem for my taste. This album is overall amazing though, not a single bad song.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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