Album 0373: Amorphis – Silent Waters


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Weaving The Incantation (04:57)
2. A Servant (03:55)
3. Silent Waters (04:50)
4. Towards And Against (04:59)
5. I Of Crimson Blood (05:05)
6. Her Alone (06:02)
7. Enigma (03:35)
8. Shaman (04:56)
9. The White Swan (04:50)
10. Black River (03:49)
11. Sign (04:34)

Total Length: 51:32

Weaving The Incantation has a tremendous opening riff, it completely bashes your head in, in a good way. The mixture of vocals and the prominence of acoustic guitars also make for some really nice soundscapes through the song. Just plain fantastic. A Servant has some cool riffs and moments, but nothing really spectacular. Silent Waters has the same issue. I enjoy listening to it but then it’s hard to remember it once it’s over.

Towards And Against at least has a very cool intro leading into an amazing riff. That pretty much carries the song. I Of Crimson Blood is fairly good but has that same issue of being a bit forgettable. I wish I could say something better about them, I really do enjoy the songs but unlike the album before this, the songs don’t urge me to come back. Her Alone is much the same as the others, though this is the longest track on the album and doesn’t really deserve the length.

Engima is a nice little song, but the same thing applies as most of the other tracks. Shaman is another song that’s too long. This is not a problem they had on the album before this one. The White Swan is more of the same. Black River is a bit calmer, at least for the first half, but it’s still not enough to set it apart. Sign closes out the album in a basic way. I really want to love this album but it is just not clicking. There is nothing outright bad on here, it’s just sort of good/bland.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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