Album 0374: Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Black Metal


1. Gas In Veins (05:10)
2. Les Ruches Malades (The Sick Hives) (04:19)
3. Heurt (Collision) (06:01)
4. Recueillement (Meditation) (07:01)
5. Faux Semblants (Sham) (04:21)
7. Trouble (Éveils Infâmes) (Disrupt (Famous Awakenings)) (04:49)
8. Video Girl (04:11)
9. La Reine Trayeuse (The Queen Milkmaid) (05:32)
10. Amesoeurs (Soulmates) (04:03)
11. Au Crépuscule De Nos Réves (At The Twilight Of Our Dreams) (11:17)

Total Length: 58:27

Gas In Veins is a fantastic opening track, with building moments that almost capsize in their weight. It works wonderfully. Les Ruches Malades has more of a shoe-gazing quality, and it’s kind of upbeat, at least to my ears. It’s quite evocative and I suppose while simple, has clear melodies that capture you and grab you by the ear. Heurt is similar if not a bit heavier, but she switches to some harsh vocals at a few points too. Just a bit more aggressive of a song overall.

Recueillement has a nice opening and is the first full fledged use of harsh vocals. They work pretty well and convey the emotion they need to. The song is maybe just a tad long but pretty good. Faux Semblants is more like the second track and quite enjoyable. I XIII V XIX XV V XXI XVIII XIX – IX XIX – IV V I IV basically means Amesoeurs Is Dead and is a nice, haunting interlude. I really like it and it comes at a great point to break up the other tracks.

Trouble (Éveils Infâmes) is the most black metal like song on here. The riffs are pretty powerful and everything just sounds harshly pleasant. Video Girl is great as well, more of the shoe-gaze vibe in this one. La Reine Trayeuse is okay, probably the least consistent song so far. It only has one moment that really stands out. Amesouers is probably the best track though. It takes everything great about their shoe-gaze sound and amplifies, I’m not sure I could ever tire of it.

Au Crépuscule De Nos Réves is a nice mixture of types, but doesn’t feel cohesive enough for me. Maybe I just feel that way because it just doesn’t compare to the previous track. The main part of the song stops at just before six minutes, kind of non-triumphantly. After a few minutes of silence, there is an industrial type instrumental that plays for a few minutes. It kind of comes out of nowhere and doesn’t mesh with anything else on the album. The album has a few faults, but I can look past most of them, it just oozes atmosphere and I love listening to most of it.

Final Rating: 8/10


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