Album 0375: Radiohead – In Rainbows


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Alternative Rock



1. 15 Step (03:58)
2. Bodysnatchers (04:02)
3. Nude (04:15)
4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (05:18)
5. All I Need (03:49)
6. Faust Arp (02:10)
7. Reckoner (04:50)
8. House Of Cards (05:28)
9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place (04:09)
10. Videotape (04:42)


1. MK 1 (01:04)
2. Down Is The New Up (04:59)
3. Go Slowly (03:48)
4. MK 2 (00:53)
5. Last Flowers (04:26)
6. Up On The Ladder (04:17)
7. Bangers + Mash (03:20)
8. 4 Minute Warning (04:06)

Total Length: 01:09:35

15 Step is a fairly good song, but a prime example of what I’m not fond of in this album: it takes too long to get started. The first half of the track is all intro almost, and so when the song does get going and gets to the point of the bridge in another song, it’s over. I do enjoy the vocal line in this one though. I can’t give the same praise to Bodysnatchers as it’s vocals are more hidden behind the music. It also has the opposite issue of going on longer than I would think necessary. I also just kind of don’t enjoy the tone of the whole thing.

Nude is really nice though, but honestly I have to pile on a common complaint and say that I would really enjoy the song if someone else was singing. Maybe that’s wrong because I’d know they didn’t write it, but there is something here being held back I think. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi has an annoying opening and again a way long intro. I’m not saying all long intros are bad, just that they aren’t handling these well. I like some moments in this but it’s definitely lengthy and to me seems unfocused. Not in the writing or anything, maybe more in the intent and what I should be getting out of it.

All I Need is definitely a step up. It gets stuck in my head, it worms its way in and the rhythm is lodged in there. The song never feels boring and the buildup is natural. Much better song. Faust Arp is way more natural than most of the other tracks in a few ways and doesn’t feel like an average Radiohead song. That alone sets it apart and I really like it. It’s like a modern Beatles song. Reckoner is kind of a useless song for me. I somewhat enjoy the vibe, but the song is entirely forgettable outside of an audio blip that sounds like a mastering error.

House Of Cards is one of the better songs except that last minute is somewhat useless. The song could have easily ended before that point. I really enjoy some of the aesthetics here though, the laid back atmosphere and the hints of a time gone by. Jigsaw Falling Into Place is a strong track though, with a nice pace and lots of interesting choices in instrumentation and arrangement. It’s easy to see why they chose to film a video for this song.

Videotape is nice and calm, and a little downtrodden. As the ending to the main album, I think it might be a tad weak but works well enough. MK 1 is an odd instrumental that opens the bonus disc. I really don’t think much of it. Down Is The New Up has some cool ideas but I don’t particularly like how they’re executed. Go Slowly falls into that complaint I mentioned way back at the beginning. The song doesn’t catch my attention until halfway through.

MK 2 could have some use as a creepy setting, but again it’s just useless. Last Flowers matches the second track on this bonus disc. I enjoy some of the ideas but the song really could have used more work in my opinion. Up On The Ladder is the same concept except with even better ideas this time. Bangers + Mash is the closest thing to a standard rock song on here, it’s got some neat things but oddly I don’t think the bands really fits the style. 4 Minute Warning is way better ending for the album, perhaps the first minute is a bit extraneous, but the lyrics and rhythm of the track are beautiful. Straight up. It partly saves the album for me in a way, because endings are quite important. Compared to the whole single other Radiohead album I’m familiar with, this is a less satisfying experience and leaves something to be desired. There are traces of something I could love though.

Final Rating: 7/10


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