Album 0376: La Roux – La Roux


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Synth Pop


1. In For The Kill (04:09)
2. Tigerlily (03:25)
3. Quicksand (03:06)
4. Bulletproof (03:27)
5. Colourless Colous (03:28)
6. I’m Not Your Toy (03:20)
7. Cover My Eyes (04:32)
8. As If By Magic (03:50)
9. Fascination (03:43)
10. Reflections Are Protection (04:22)
11. Armour Love (03:54)
12. Growing Pains (03:28)
13. Finally My Saviour (04:22)
14. Under My Thumb (03:46)
15. Tigerlily (demo) (03:50)
16. Bulletproof (intimate performance at Abbey Road) (03:01)
17. In For The Kills (Vevo lounge session) (03:28)

Total Length: 01:03:10

In For The Kill is a monster of a song. A catchy synth riff, haunting vocals, and a twinge of other wordliness. It’s just foreign enough to catch your ear, futuristic in the execution, but familiar enough to get stuck in your head and make you sing the chorus for the next few days. Tigerlily is fantastic as well, until two-thirds of the way through and we get the second worst version of the Thriller bridge I’ve heard. It doesn’t make sense at all and feels very out of place.

Quicksand isn’t quite up to snuff, it’s got some good moments. The chorus stands out but the rest of the song is a level below. Bulletproof is far and away the best song on the album. The lyrics are heartfelt, just shy of contrived but enough merit to seem true. It’s like the difference between any other pop star and Taylor Swift. At least you can tell the latter is telling their actual feelings. The chorus is fantastic, the verses are catchy as hell, and the bridge slows things down a bit but works well.

Colourless Colour is boring at first, but the chorus saves it. It’s funny when they surround a little bit of the verse backing music with the chorus, and it’s such an absolute change of pace and loss of energy for those few seconds it’s amazing. I’m Not Your Toy is stronger all around, the verse is nice and the chorus is fantastic. Cover My Eyes is a decent slower song, but suffers from not having a strong enough melody or chorus, and being too long.

As If By Magic has a terrible hook, and only a few good moments to its name, mostly due to her voice. Fascination has a better hook but the rest of the song doesn’t live up to it. Reflections Are Protection is a great return to form, the chorus is simply amazing. It sounds familiar as well but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Armour Love is another slower track but a fair bit more interesting than the previous attempt.

Growing Pains is strange in a sense. It feels like it could have used more work, and never really ‘goes for it.’ Finally My Saviour is strange and not very good. Another song that maybe could have been more. Under My Thumb is a cover of The Rolling Stones and it seems fairly simplified. Just boring honestly. The demo for Tigerlily is fun and not too different from the final version. The ‘intimate’ version of Bulletproof doesn’t quite mesh. The piano is slower while she’s singing at the same pace as the original song, it just is awkward. In For The Kill also doesn’t work. The issue is that they don’t entirely rework the song, she just sings it the same and the backing changes. The entire album is littered with small issues, and most of them could have easily been fixed. Hopefully the next one is better, because then it could be something really special.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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