Album 0377: Boards Of Canada – Geogaddi


Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 2002


1. Ready Let’s Go (00:59)
2. Music Is Math (05:21)
3. Beware The Friendly Stranger (00:38)
4. Gyroscope (03:35)
5. Dandelion (01:15)
6. Sunshine Recorder (06:13)
7. In The Annexe (01:22)
8. Julie And Candy (05:30)
9. The Smallest Weird Number (01:17)
10. 1969 (04:20)
11. Energy Warning (00:35)
12. The Beach At Redpoint (04:19)
13. Opening The Mouth (01:12)
14. Alpha And Omega (07:03)
15. I Saw Drones (00:27)
16. The Devil Is In The Details (03:53)
17. A Is To B As B Is To C (01:41)
18. Over The Horizon Radar (01:09)
19. Dawn Chorus (03:56)
20. Diving Station (01:27)
21. You Could Feel The Sky (05:14)
22. Corsair (02:52)
23. Magic Window (01:44)
24. From One Source All Things Depend (02:11)

Total Length: 01:08:11

Ready Let’s Go is a fair intro to the album, ushering in the creepy atmosphere and electronic tendencies. Music Is Math continues being a bit creepy, with some odd samples that accentuate an otherworldliness. I can’t say I really like the drum sounds, they’re a bit too incongruous, but the track overall is enjoyable. Beware The Friendly Stranger is of course just straight up creepy, nothing else about it. I guess it does remind me of some Bibio.

Gyroscope is a somewhat simple track, it kind of does the same thing for its whole length. A repeating pattern with a numbers station overlaid on it, it’s kind of soothing at times. Dandelion uses some science show sample over a really simple musical backing. Sunshine Recorder is fairly good but again I really don’t like the grating sounds of the drum kit. Just too harsh. In The Annexe is nice but it just sounds like fluff to me.

Julie And Candy has some great moments that could have been tapped into and expanded. Instead we get a nice dash of melody once every couple minutes. The Smallest Weird Number is another fluff piece. 1969 is definitely one of the better pieces, it uses samples in a cool way and really brings on the atmosphere they were going for here. Energy Warning has the same deal, by having a kid giving the warning.

The Beach At Redpoint is pretty effective as well, I enjoyed it. Opening The Mouth is an okay little piece. Alpha And Omega seems to have some qualities in common with Shpongle. It’s a very neat track. I Saw Drones however doesn’t do much of anything. The Devil Is In The Details is super creepy and works very well. A Is To B As B Is To C is weird and just doesn’t do anything for me. Over The Horizon Radar is a better fluff piece.

Dawn Chorus is another track where I think there are some fantastic ideas that are not fully capitalized on. Diving Station is kind of useless. You Could Feel The Sky is really annoying for the first few minutes but hits some good notes. Corsair is sort of the end of the general album it’s decent. Magic Window is just silence. From One Source All Things Depend is a bonus track, it’s kids talking about God like a section in a GY!BE song. It’s effective and gives me chills. I think I still don’t fully grasp this album but at least it doesn’t bother me like it did the first time I heard it. I just feel like it goes on way too long, has ideas that aren’t fully developed, and is unnecessarily harsh at times.

Final Rating: 6/10


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