Album 0381: The Toasters – This Gun For Hire


Release Date: 1990
Genre: Ska


1. Worry (03:40)
2. Havana (This Gun For Hire) (03:04)
3. One Track Mind (03:42)
4. Paralyzed (04:17)
5. Don’t Say Forever (03:38)
6. Choose (03:11)
7. Lies (03:49)
8. Roseanne (04:04)
9. East Side Beat (live) (06:11)
10. T-Time (02:52)

Total Length: 38:26

Worry is a fairly decent opening track. The intro doesn’t annoy me too much and the horn riff is pretty catchy. The chorus is alright but the song never really tries to deviate from how it starts. Havana (This Gun For Hire) has a nice atmosphere but again feels like a wasted idea. They don’t try to do much with it. One Track Mind is super fun at the start, and remains enjoyable for its whole length. The simple kind of pleasure that The Toasters can provide.

Paralyzed starts off sounding like a bout of fun on a tropical island, it’s pretty neat. Once again they never try to push past that, even just for a short bridge. Don’t Say Forever has that same issue, but I still enjoy it. Choose is kind of fun, there’s a neat piano solo and I like the rhythm. There are a few really strange errors (probably from mastering) just before the two minute mark though.

Lies doesn’t have anywhere near as good of a hook as most of the other songs but the chorus holds up well. Roseanne is an odd song and I’m not sure I like it. East Side Beat is one of the band’s classic tracks, but I can only assume it was put on here to bring the album to full length status. Still a great song though. T-Time is more of a jam track. I enjoy it for what it is, but it doesn’t keep me coming back. That seems to be a common thread with The Toasters for me. I’ll really like one or two of their songs, but the overall quality level just isn’t there.

Final Rating: 6.5/10

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