Album 0382: Edguy – Hellfire Club


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Power Metal


1. Mysteria (05:46)
2. The Piper Never Dies (10:07)
3. We Don’t Need A Hero (05:31)
4. Down To The Devil (05:28)
5. King Of Fools (04:22)
6. Forever (05:41)
7. Under The Moon (05:05)
8. Lavatory Love Machine (04:26)
9. Rise Of The Morning Glory (04:40)
10. Lucifer In Love (00:32)
11. Navigator (05:23)
12. The Spirit Will Remain (04:12)
13. Children Of Steel (04:04)
14. Mysteria (05:33)

Total Length: 01:10:51

Mysteria has a great intro, great riff, great chorus, just all around great. As an opening track you can rarely ask for better, with one exception that we’ll get to much later in the album. I could say that it’s maybe the tiniest bit lengthy, but it’s not so bad. The Piper Never Dies however completely earns its ten minutes. Most of the song is mid tempo, and the riff and arrangement carries the song. It also picks up speed in the last couple minutes, giving a very satisfying ending.

We Don’t Need A Hero has a cool opening, and is more like a traditional Edguy song. It’s upbeat, happy, and fast. I enjoy it pretty well. Down To The Devil has a wonderful chorus. Both of these songs could have been trimmed a bit, but they don’t bother as much as they could. King Of Fools is an odd song somewhat, with a heavy emphasis on electronics and a slower riff. I have some issues with the song yet they kind of get ignored while listening to it.

Forever is a ballad, and not a very great one. It’s way too long, and never catches my ear. Just kind of a disappointment. Under The Moon is a heavier song that doesn’t entirely stand out. It sure sounds nice while listening to it, but it’s hard to recall once it’s over. Lavatory Love Machine sounds like something out of the 80s and is kind of weird, but I can dig it. Rise Of The Morning Glory is more of a standard power metal track, it’s fun.

Lucifer In Love is a stupid little track that is more embarrassing than funny. Navigator is fairly fun, but has the issue of not being too memorable. The Spirit Will Remain is the close of the regular album sans bonus tracks. It starts off sounding like a song from the Chrono Cross soundtrack which is weird but also nice. Unfortunately it just becomes a boring ballad that I forget as soon as it’s over.

Children Of Steel is a song from before the band’s first album, a very early demo that they re-recorded for this. It’s actually a really cool song and I always love when bands do things like that, assuming the song is actually good like this one is. Mysteria is almost entirely the same track that started the album, with one major difference. The singer this time (at certain points) is Mille Petrozza from Kreator, and his voice gives the song a whole new dimension. Specifically the vocals are still technically clean but almost harsh, and it gives the song a heavier tone that works stupendously well. It makes me really wish I could hear him sing the whole album. It took a bit, but I do like this album. It’s not entirely amazing, but still way above average.

Final Rating: 8/10


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