Album 0383: Drudkh – Blood In Our Wells


Release Date: 2006
Genre: Black Metal


1. Навь (Nav’) (02:25)
2. Борозни богів (Furrows Of Gods) (08:57)
3. Коли пломінь перетворюється на попіл (When The Flame Turns To Ashes) (10:37)
4. Самітність (Solitude) (12:24)
5. Вічність (Eternity) (10:38)
6. Українська Повстанська Армія (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) (05:02)

Total Length: 50:04

Навь is an atmoshperic intro. I can only imagine it was supposed to sound like the image the cover is depicting. It works fairly well though maybe is a touch long. Борозни богів starts things off quickly once its turn comes. It has some really cool riffs, a good atmosphere, and some neat solos to boot. Коли пломінь перетворюється на попіл has a neat little intro, before getting into a cool riff. The whole song is depressing in a good way and is easy to get lost in.

Самітність also has a cool intro and some great riffs throughout. Very cool song. Вічність adds a folk element at the beginning before going into the best riff of the album. The guitar solo in it is a bit questionable though. Ends up being fantastic though. Українська Повстанська Армія has some okay moments but really doesn’t do anything for me. This album is less unique or flavored as Autumn Aurora, but has some good moments. It’s not something that really sticks with me though.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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