Album 0384: Five Iron Frenzy – All The Hype That Money Can Buy


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Ska/Punk


0. What’s Up? (00:05)
1. The Greatest Story Ever Told (03:20)
2. Me Oh My (02:16)
3. Solidarity (03:31)
4. The Phantom Mullet (02:59)
5. Ugly Day (03:37)
6. Fahrenheit (03:36)
7. Four-Fifty-One (03:05)
8. You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here (02:30)
9. Hurricanes (03:47)
10. Giants (04:14)
11. I Still Like Larry (00:32)
12. All The Hype (03:05)
13. It’s Not Unusual (02:21)
14. A New Hope (02:38)
15. World Without End (03:45)

Total Length: 45:21

What’s Up? is a short pre-roll track, it kind of works as an intro. The Greatest Story Ever Told is a bit disingenuous but that’s just my own bias showing through. It’s a fun song though. Me Oh My has a good punk flair and the pre-chorus is fantastic, with the chorus following suit. Just a fun little song. Solidarity is simply amazing, it’s a ton of fun and takes a semi-calypso feel. The mixture of vocals is too much fun as well.

The Phantom Mullet is more of a rock song, I don’t entirely care for it. Ugly Day is fun, I like that they almost pull a Reel Big Fish by having upbeat music and depressing lyrics. Fahrenheit has a good message but the song isn’t too great. I wish it were better. Four-Fifty-One is kind of fun, but it doesn’t feel entirely focused to me. I could probably blame the arrangement. You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here is a rockabilly track and super catchy.

Hurricanes is a slower track, it doesn’t do a whole lot for me though. Giants is an amazing song though. The first bit is like a demented chorus, and the remainder of the track is creepy and still works wonderfully. I Still Like Larry is a tiny little song. It’s decent but I don’t entirely get why it exists. All The Hype has a pretty annoying chorus, and the rest of the song does not make up for it.

It’s Not Unusual is a cover of the Tom Jones classic. They were playing this live before recording it here, and eh. It would have been a ton of fun to hear live, but on here it doesn’t really do anything other than ape the original and that’s it. A New Hope is pretty great, it gets stuck in my head pretty easily. World Without End is one of the few times where the band takes on a more generic Christian approach to a song, and one of the few times I actually like that approach. It’s a good track. The album has some really high highs but the rest of it falls fairly flat.

Final Rating: 7/10


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