Album 0385: Dream Theater – Hollow Years

Hollow Years

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Hollow Years (radio edit) (04:16)
2. Burning My Soul (live) (08:20)
3. Another Hand/The Killing Hand (live) (13:28)

Total Length: 26:03

The radio edit of Hollow Years seems to have a slightly different mix than the album version and is of course a few minutes shorter. It seems a bit easier to digest, but loses some of its flair. It’s also nowhere near as the good as the later live versions. This version of the song accompanies the video for the song and it’s a pretty embarrassing video in all honesty. The band is barely in it, and not playing any instruments from what I remember. Also the fadeout on this song is terrible

Burning My Soul is live, and in its original form. This means the majority of the track Hell’s Kitchen gets smushed into it. Both it and the the remaining song are probably from the same performance that was released on an official bootleg, but I’m hanging onto these because these sound better honestly. I do like hearing this song from time to time. Another Hand/The Killing Hand is the song from their first album with an extended intro, loosely related to the song Another Day, since the jam originally bridged the two songs. It’s still a fantastic song. However, since I don’t like the radio edit and these live tracks exist in a slightly separate form, it’s hard to come back to this.

Final Rating: 6/10


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