Album 0390: Biomechanical – Cannibalised


Release Date: 2008
Genre: Progressive/Groove Metal


1. Fallen In Fear (04:32)
2. The Unseen (04:30)
3. Cannibalised (05:57)
4. Breathing Silence (05:09)
5. Predatory (04:51)
6. Slow The Poison (05:50)
7. Consumed (05:11)
8. Reborn In Damnation (04:02)
9. Through Hatred Arise (04:44)
10. Violent Descent (03:26)
11. Beyond The Descent (Fallen In Fear + Regenerated) (02:30)
12. Reborn Into Darkness (Through Hatred Arise) (04:23)
13. Imperium (Absolution Parts I + III) (04:43)
14. Through The Remains (Consumed) (04:10)

Total Length: 01:03:58

Fallen In Fear is a textbook case of some great ideas executed terribly. First and foremost, the awful mastering job. The production probably holds up but god this album is so loud and there is so much blatantly obvious clipping and digital errors. It also grossly mistreats the mix, making it sounds like all you can hear is the guitars and everything else is in the background. There are some neat ideas with the riffs, but it’s hard to get past how it all comes across.

The Unseen has some cool moments in it too, and the awful audio is only slightly less of an issue. Cannibalised is much the same, I can somewhat get into it. I do enjoy the mixture of symphonic style and groovy riffs. Breathing Silence has a nice calm intro to give some sense of change, before getting back into decent riffs. Predatory is fairly good, but not too memorable. Slow The Poison follows it pretty quickly, and I have the same thoughts on it.

Consumed mixes things up a little bit so I suppose it gets a couple points for that. Reborn In Damnation is decent, it all kind of blends together to be honest. Through Hatred Arise also shakes it up a bit and is almost nice. Violent Descent is very average. For these main tracks, the biggest issue is the sound of the album fighting against it every step of the way. It’s that bad, and I can normally forgive bad production.

Beyond The Descent (Fallen In Fear + Regenerated) is the start of the bonus tracks, remixes or some such of all the symphonic bits from select songs. It’s kind of neat but highlights that they can be kind of childish. Reborn Into Darkness (Through Hatred Arise) is a bit more nuanced but still nothing special. Imperium (Absolution Parts I + III) is decent. Through The Remains (Consumed) ends things on an alright note. This album could be a lot better, if it can ever get revisited.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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