Album 0391: Shade Empire – Zero Nexus


Release Date: 2008
Genre: Black Metal


1. 9 In 1 (04:39)
2. Adam & Eve (04:21)
3. Blood Colours The White (04:15)
4. Flesh Relinquished (04:49)
5. Harvesters Of Death (03:59)
6. Serpent-Angel (04:33)
7. Whisper From The Depths (04:23)
8. Ecstasy Of Black Light (04:11
9. Victory (09:33)

Total Length: 44:42

9 In 1 has a fantastic opening filled with awesome riffs and a neat mixture of styles with hints of a few types of metal thrown in. The vocals aren’t the best I’ve ever heard, but melodic enough and easy to understand, and of course they do mix it up during the chorus. Adam & Eve is pretty neat as well, I love it bringing in some female vocals into the fold. Blood Colours The White has some more great riffs and is all around great.

Flesh Relinquished has a lot of cool moments, again offering some interesting change-ups with the vocals. Harvesters Of Death follows the track immediately, it’s fairly good but kind of wears out its welcome. Serpent-Angel is mostly decent until the last minute where it achieves a satisfying climax. Whisper From The Depths is still my favorite track on the album, I just love the oddities about it like its dynamics and that powerful riff and the roar that starts the riff off. Just fantastic.

Ecstasy Of Black Light continues the trend of greatness, with some great riffs and moments throughout. Just a joy to listen to. Victory starts off like the other songs for the first few minutes, then slows things down. It surprisingly brings a sax into the mix at this point, and it’s really neat to hear. The rest of the song builds on what was presented and has a nice, if maybe a bit too extended, ending. This album has a couple amazing moments and doesn’t stay evenly at that point, but I’m never really bored during it.

Final Rating: 8/10

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