Album 0392: Adagio – Sanctus Ignis


Release Date: 2001
Genre: Power Metal


1. Second Sight (06:08)
2. The Inner Road (05:47)
3. In Nomine… (05:05)
4. The Stringless Violin (07:01)
5. Seven Lands Of Sin (11:42)
6. Order Of Enlil (04:21)
7. Sanctus Ignis (04:09)
8. Panem Et Circences (05:23)
9. Immigrant Song (04:57)
10. Niflheim (04:08)

Total Length: 58:39

Second Sight is a perfect example song for this band. The music is pretty well crafted and the arrangement usually keeps things fresh, but the vocals are the absolute downfall here. They aren’t the worst, but they don’t add anything and nearly take away from the music. This music could be so much more with better vocals. The Inner Road follows up with a solo-laden intro, showcasing the clear neo-classical tones of this band. Again though, the vocals drag it down.

In Nomine… has a fantastic intro and is also a change of pace in that the vocals tend to work pretty well. A very strong song. The Stringless Violin seems to have hints of Eternity X in it and it seems to set the stage for bands like Dragonland to really capitalize on song ideas and structures like this, but it’s a tiny bit boring here. Seven Lands Of Sin is pretty big and sadly kind of boring too. It never reaches the ‘epic’ levels they seem to want it to.

Order Of Enlil is an instrumental, and gets some points there. It’s kind of nice to go through a song and not worry about what the vocals are going to do. Sanctus Ignis is more of a standard power metal song. The vocals kind of work here, but I’m not terribly fond of the track in the end. Panem Et Circences is a fairly strong track though. There are some pretty heavy moments in it too, compared to the rest of the album.

Immigrant Song is a cover of the classic Zeppelin track. It’s pretty slow-paced, and also entirely instrumental. This is the one time I wish they had vocals, it would have been interesting to see what could be done. Niflheim is a demo of a track that would appear on their next album. The rough sound of it is annoying to hear after the rest of the album, but there are some neat ideas. In the end this gives me the same feeling from that album. I kind of like what I’m hearing but it’s not enough to make me love it and seek it out.

Final Rating: 7/10


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