Album 0393: Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime


Release Date: 1988
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal


1. I Remember Now (01:18)
2. Anarchy-X (01:28)
3. Revolution Calling (04:40)
4. Operation: Mindcrime (04:45)
5. Speak (03:43)
6. Spreading The Disease (04:07)
7. The Mission (05:48)
8. Suite Sister Mary (10:40)
9. The Needle Lies (03:09)
10. Electric Requiem (01:23)
11. Breaking The Silence (04:34)
12. I Don’t Believe In Love (04:24)
13. Waiting For 22 (01:06)
14. My Empty Room (01:32)
15. Eyes Of A Stranger (06:38)
16. The Mission (live) (06:12)
17. My Empty Room (live) (02:41)

Total Length: 01:08:06

I Remember Now is a story track, introducing some of the elements of what’s going on here. It’s a decent story for a concept album, but I’m more concerned with the music. Anarchy-X is a nice musical intro, a short little track to get you into it and I enjoy it. Revolution Calling is a fantastic track, with an amazing verse and chorus and it just kind of breezes by. It’s one of those songs you get into and it’s just over and you wonder where the time went.

Operation: Mindcrime has a fun intro, with getting to hear the riff for a second distorted through the phone before the song actually starts. Another fantastic song, I just love hearing it. Speak is a bit faster paced and a ton of fun, it’d be hard to dislike it. This is just plain quality stuff right here. Spreading The Disease is fairly good, but a bit too on the nose at times. It also kind of ends somewhat poorly.

The Mission is pretty nice, and changes things up by not being heavy for the entire time. Suite Sister Mary is kind of the centerfold of the album, both by its length and it kind of sets the album into two easily digested halves. The song has a lot of great moments but gets a bit too cheesy at some of those points. I still like the majority of it. The Needle Lies is a fun little song. It’s simplistic but also doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Electric Requiem is more of a story track with a simple musical backing, nothing to really speak about at length. Breaking The Silence is probably the first actual song I don’t entirely care for. It’s not bad when I hear it, but it’s forgettable. I Don’t Believe In Love is a great song, both in context of the album and a song by itself. Waiting For 22 is a nice little instrumental track. It follows directly from the previous song, and I can only see them separating it because they wanted the former to be a single.

My Empty Room is a good, small track too. Just focusing mostly on a single guitar and vocals, it’s a nice breather before the end. Eyes Of A Stranger caps off the album in a good way, with a big song to finish the story and finish things musically. The live tracks are alright, pretty loud and overblown in a sense. The Mission has a new, extended intro that does nothing. The song itself is played well though, I still like. My Empty Room has some extra percussion added, but is kind of useless on its own like this. I really love this album though, it’s always a joy to listen to.

Final Rating: 9/10


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