Album 0394: Mastodon – The Hunter


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Progressive Sludge Metal


1. Black Tongue (03:27)
2. Curl Of The Burl (03:40)
3. Blasteroid (02:36)
4. Stargasm (04:40)
5. Octopus Has No Friends (03:49)
6. All The Heavy Lifting (04:31)
7. The Hunter (05:18)
8. Dry Bone Valley (04:00)
9. Thickening (04:31)
10. Creature Lives (04:41)
11. Spectrelight (03:10)
12. Bedazzled Fingernails (03:08)
13. The Sparrow (05:31)

Total Length: 53:01

Black Tongue starts off insanely well, setting up both the tone of the album and what you should be taking from it. This is a less serious album than any of their previous works, but still heavy. Their vocals are a bit odd but I’m finally really getting into them, and the solo section is good as well. Curl Of The Burl has a fantastic chorus that keeps me coming back. Blasteroid has probably the best opening riff on the album, and is a fun little song. It also has the first use of harsher vocals on here, it’s pretty great.

Stargasm is very cool as well, it takes a bit more time than the previous tracks and has a bunch of neat moments. Octopus Has No Friends also sounds nice when listening to it, but doesn’t have any kind of hook like some of the other songs that, well, literally hooks into my brain. All The Heavy Lifting for example has a chorus that definitely pops up into my head from time to time. The Hunter is the calmest song on here, a tribute to a band member’s brother. Unfortunately I don’t find it too interesting.

Dry Bone Valley is a decent track, but kind of forgettable for me. Thickening has a good opening but the rest of the song doesn’t quite live up to it. Creatures Lives fulfills that promise though. It has a neat opening and the track has one of the catchiest vocal lines on the entire album. It’s an incredibly strong song. Spectrelight has some neat parts about it, but it doesn’t really mesh with the rest of the album.

Bedazzled Fingernails is nice as well, but not very memorable. Really the album kind of peaked for me two songs before this one. The Sparrow is kind of easy going and has some neat moments, especially the little tag at the end, but again not really the high point of the album for me. This is a very strong album though, with no bad songs in sight. I’m extremely interested in what these guys will do next.

Final Rating: 8/10


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