Album 0396: Hollenthon – Domus Mundi


Release Date: 1999
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal


1. Enrapture (Hinc Illae Lacrimae) (05:34)
2. Homage (Magni Nominis Umbra) (06:06)
3. Vestige (Non Omnis Moriar) (07:19)
4. Lure (Pallida Mors) (04:16)
5. Interlude (Ultima Ratio Regum) (03:48)
6. Reprisal (Malis Avibus) (04:26)
7. Premonition (Lex Talionis) (05:00)
8. Eclipse (Vita Nova) (08:49)

Total Length: 45:17

Enrapture (Hinc Illae Lacrimae) starts off the album in a great way. The intro builds up in power and explodes a little bit. The harsh vocals work well in front of the backing, and the odd combination of symphonic elements and harsh tones give a new sensation. Homage (Magni Nominis Umbra) has a ton of cool riffs and melodies. The music is still a bit unrefined on this album, compared to what this group is going to do. It’s still fun and interesting though.

Vestige (Non Omnis Moriar) is fantastic. I love the galloping riff and even the sample used throughout. It’s an all around great track. Lure (Pallida Mors) is a fun shorter song. It’s enjoyable and has some neat little bits in. Interlude (Ultima Ratio Regum) adds another element to the mix: bagpipes! It actually works surprisingly well, and this is an upbeat interlude for the middle of the album.

Reprisal (Malis Avibus) is a fairly good song. Some of the samples are strange but the rest is solid. Premonition (Lex Talionis) is very folky and kind of upbeat. It’s a nice semi-change of pace. Eclipse (Vita Nova) is a bigger track, and kind of aims at what they do on later albums. It’s not amazing but it is finely enjoyable. There aren’t too many bad moments on here, maybe a couple cheesy cringe-worthy points is all. Definitely worth listening to.

Final Rating: 8/10


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