Album 0397: Om – Pilgrimage


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Doom Metal


1. Pilgrimage (10:33)
2. Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead (05:51)
3. Bhima’s Theme (11:41)
4. Pilgrimage (Reprise) (04:15)

Total Length: 32:19

Om is a band that I definitely did not understand at first. The slower pace, chanting like vocals, the overall atmosphere was something I hadn’t experienced before. The band continues in this style with Pilgrimage in a great way. Everything is kind of subdued and almost religious in a sense, as evidenced by the album cover. The rhythms are great and catchy, and the vocals are beautiful and haunting.

Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead has a calm first minute but then we get to the metal part of the genre, and it’s really cool. The vocals stay the same but everything surrounding them is much heavier. Bhima’s Theme continues along this path. It’s not quite as memorable as the last track, even though it’s nearly double the length. Pilgrimage (Reprise) is a nice return to the haunting sounds that started the album. Glad to end it on this note. This album is fairly short and fun to listen to, and provides an atmosphere I don’t experience often.

Final Rating: 8/10

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