Album 0398: Kaviar – The Kaviar Sessions


Release Date: 2002
Genre: Progressive Rock/Industrial


1. Death Orgy 9000 (05:32)
2. Picnic (04:22)
3. Pretty (03:39)
4. Indian Burn (05:21)
5. Making Kristy Cry (03:35)
6. Broken (04:07)
7. Single (04:18)
8. The Sultan Of Brunei (04:39)
9. Fall In Love With Me (10:03)

Total Length: 45:36

This is such an odd piece. Kevin Gilbert formed a group called Kaviar, to do this odd melding of pop and industrial, where catchy rhythms are paired with nearly-spoken vocals about dark and macabre subjects. Death Orgy 9000 starts things off with a lot of words combining sex and some kind of robot rodeo event, where robot fights are described in a sexual manner. It’s an odd mix and the music just drives it all.

Picnic is fun and uses the finest bits of industrial in itself. It almost gets too repetitive but it manages to overcome that. Pretty reminds me of some Zappa material, during the verse. The chorus is not very good at all though. Indian Burn actually feels like it has elements of a certain Boingo song, though I doubt that’s where the influence came from. The song is great though, I love the riff and the use of horns and the vocals. It’s all so good.

Making Kristy Cry is creepy and has a fair amount of good points, though something about the build up bothers me a tiny bit. Broken has some alright moments, but I just oddly don’t like most of it. Single is one of the bigger songs on here, based on the concept alone. It’s this guy on a date, contrasting between the face he presents in public and the complete degradation that are actually in his thoughts. It’s almost terrifying yet rings true.

The Sultan Of Brunei takes the non-dark parts a step further, being avant-garde as crap and ending with a faux ad. Fall In Love With Me is about five and a half minutes long, and is a plodding piece that doesn’t really do anything special or interesting. Kind of a downer ending in a sense. The rest of the length of the track is a shorter version of Single with alternate vocals. This time around, the date goes according to plan it seems. Still dirty as hell though. This album grew on me pretty quickly. I went from being confused the first listen to really enjoying it the second time, and appreciate it more now.

Final Rating: 8/10


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