Album 0402: MullMuzzler – MullMuzzler 2


Release Date: 2001
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Afterlife (05:22)
2. Venice Burning (06:26)
3. Confronting The Devil (06:20)
4. Falling (03:52)
5. Stranger (06:33)
6. A Simple Man (05:21)
7. Save Me (04:11)
8. Believe (05:01)
9. Listening (04:14)
10. Tell Me (05:14)

Total Length: 52:34

Afterlife has a very drawn out intro that honestly isn’t very good. I’m not even one of James LaBrie’s detractors, yet I think this intro is all over the place and annoying. Just kind of describes the song overall, to be honest. Venice Burning is a strong step up, though it meanders a bit. There are definitely some neat moments in it. Confronting The Devil tries to be more, but frankly fails. It’s a disappointing song.

Falling is more of a ballad, and at least doesn’t fall as far as the other tracks. It’s still nothing special, but I don’t dislike it either. Stranger almost gets to a good place, but it just does nothing for me. The mixture of soft and heavy never achieves any kind of symbiosis, and it just feels unnatural. That word can also be applied to A Simple Man with its cheesy intro and terrible distorted vocals.

Save Me is probably the strongest song yet. It doesn’t really mess around, and its odd variances fit pretty well in the whole scope of the song. Believe is a cheesy as hell ballad, maybe I’m just not in the mood for that not. Either way it feels like almost a waste of five minutes. Listening is just odd and feels the same to me, like maybe if these two songs had been combined we could have gotten one great one. Tell Me thankfully ends the album on a decent note, but it still falls way short. It’s just bland. I wish it weren’t this case, because LaBrie can be inventive on his solo stuff, or at least catchy, but I don’t find any of that here.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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