Album 0403: Dissection – Storm Of The Light’s Bane

Dissection Storm Of The Light's Bane

Release Date: 1995
Genre: Black Metal


1. At The Fathomless Depths (01:56)
2. Night’s Blood (06:40)
3. Unhallowed (07:28)
4. Where Dead Angels Lie (05:52)
5. Retribution/Storm Of The Light’s Bane (04:50)
6. Thorns Of Crimson Death (08:07)
7. Soulreaper (06:56)
8. No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep (01:28)

Total Length: 43:18

At The Fathomless Depths is a solid intro, made mostly by the dual guitars in the band. It sets the tone and stage of the album pretty well. Night’s Blood begins with some awesome riffs, and again the dual guitars stand out very well. There’s also a nice softer section in the middle, and overall it’s a very well rounded song. Unhallowed has a pretty fantastic main riff, and is just a strong song in general.

Where Dead Angels Lie has a cool intro, and just sounds very nice. The riffs are memorable, and the vocals work fairly well. I hadn’t mentioned them yet, they’re kind of average but work fine. Retribution/Storm Of The Light’s Bane is fine as well, it doesn’t entirely set itself apart but it isn’t bad either. Thorns Of Crimson Death is the biggest song on here, and it goes a couple different places during its length.

Soulreaper is much like the other tracks. They are a bit samey, but not bad at all. No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep is a good ending track, a creepy piano to play us out. I enjoy this album a good amount, and would enjoy it more if I didn’t know about the guy behind the band, specifically what he did to end up in prison for 10 years. It leaves a sour note on all of his works, and I can separate that mostly, but not entirely.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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