Album 0404: Ark – Burn The Sun


Release Date: 2001
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Heal The Waters (06:39)
2. Torn (03:51)
3. Burn The Sun (04:36)
4. Resurrection (05:32)
5. Absolute Zero (05:06)
6. Just A Little (04:38)
7. Waking Hour (04:16)
8. Noose (05:04)
9. Feed The Fire (03:57)
10. I Bleed (04:04)
11. Missing You (09:04)

Total Length: 56:46

This Norwegian band’s second album begins with Heal The Waters and we get some neat riffs right at the beginning. The verses feature a neat buildup in intensity throughout, but the chorus honestly annoys me. It’s very generic to me, and I kind of wish I could figure out why that is. The singer, Jorn Lande, is actually really prominent in a lot of power metal but he’s one of those voices I can’t really get into. That could be part of it. I also really don’t like the bit in the song with the coin dropping and spinning on the table.

Torn just bores me. It’s got similar issues to the first track without any of its good points. I will give it its weird bridge with the odd vocal noises, but that’s clearly not the point of the song, what it wants you to pay attention to. Burn The Sun has a couple nice moments, but it still just does nothing for me. There is no emotional connection at all. Resurrection has some cool things in it, some neat riffs here and there but again nothing that really ties me to it, no spark that keeps me coming back. I wish it were there, but I guess not everything is a winner.

Absolute Zero just has some really weird choices, but I think I like some of it. It’s kind of wacky at times, and there are some neat riffs in it. Just A Little is probably the best song yet. It still doesn’t reach a certain level for me, but it’s the first time for me that the band sounds like they’re having fun. Waking Hour is just plain boring. I want to like it, but it’s not there. Noose is super boring as well.

Feed The Fire suddenly turns things around somehow. The riff on the verse is great, and Lande’s vocals suddenly sound fantastic. The chorus is still crap though, they just completely stop the song going into it and lose all momentum, I have no idea how they allowed it. I Bleed is just the same as most of the other tracks, it offers nothing. Missing You starts off terribly, gets decent, and then has a great ending. It’s far too long for all of that for only an above average payoff though. This whole album is a bunch of decent ideas done terribly. I wish I could like it more, but it doesn’t even sound like they are enjoying playing it.

Final Rating: 5/10

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