Album 0410: Helloween – Master Of The Rings

Helloween - Master Of The Rings

Release Date: 1994
Genre: Power Metal



1. Irritation (Weik Editude 112 In C) (01:16)
2. Sole Survivor (04:33)
3. Where The Rain Grows (04:47)
4. Why? (04:12)
5. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down) (07:03)
6. Perfect Gentleman (03:54)
7. The Game Is On (04:40)
8. Secret Alibi (05:50)
9. Take Me Home (04:26)
10. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat (04:30)
11. Still We Go (05:09)


1. Grapowski’s Malmsuite 1001 (In D-Doll) (06:34)
2. Cold Sweat (03:48)
3. Can’t Fight Your Desire (03:45)
4. Closer To Home (08:14)
5. Silicon Dreams (04:11)
6. Star Invastion (04:49)
7. I Stole Your Love (03:21)

Total Length: 01:25:01

Irritation (Weik Editude 112 In C) begins the album with a decent symphonic intro, it’s nothing special but I guess gets to lead you into the whole. Sole Survivor is mostly fantastic, I only really take issue with the extended ending. It’s a ‘live’ ending that goes on way too long and sounds childish. Where The Rain Grows is a lot of fun, specifically in the guitar work throughout, the little bits here and there and the solo is cool.

Why? has a good chorus and fun solo section, it’s a very strong song and no surprise that it was a single. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down) is pretty cool, and bits of it stick with me. The chorus in particular pops in my head from time to time, I just can’t really figure out why the song needed to be as long as it is. It’s not too bad, but it’s kind of unnecessary. Perfect Gentleman is pretty great, I love the sunny happy feeling it gives off, even if the comedy falls a bit flat.

The Game Is On is super cheesy but I really love it. It’s a completely Nintendo inspired song, with even some little 8-bit sounds littering the song. It’s another happy song, though I’ll admit that there are some depressing connotations to part of the lyrics. Secret Alibi is amazing, it’s one of the band’s best songs, with one faulty bit. The ending fades out, and then back in, adding an extra minute to the song that really doesn’t need to be there. I don’t understand the point of it either.

Take Me Home unfortunately cuts the trend of great songs dead in its tracks. It’s a very boring song, with a crappy rock vibe that doesn’t appeal to me at all. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat is more of a ballad, and it’s a very solid song. It’s catchy and pretty. Still We Go caps off the normal album in a decent way. It has some neat moments but honestly kind of falls a bit flat. Grapowski’s Malmsuite 1001 (In D-Doll) is a fairly good instrumental piece. It doesn’t stand out to me and I usually lose interest halfway through though.

Cold Sweat is a cover of Thin Lizzy and is frankly boring in only the way that hard rock can be. It’s incredibly simplistic and does nothing for me. Can’t Fight Your Desire is kind of decent, but it’s plain why this was relegated to b-side. It’s just a one-note song that never goes anywhere. Closer To Home is a Grank Funk Railroad cover, and it’s a pretty classic song. However, I feel it goes on too long and is kind of self-indulgent.

Silicon Dreams completely confuses me. Not as a song, but because this song exists and somehow Take Me Home made the main album instead of this. The chorus is a bit weird, but the verse is really cool and inventive. Star Invasion is kind of boring though. Again, another where the selection as a b-side is obvious. I Stole Your Love is a Kiss cover and like the other hard rock cover, it’s incredibly boring to me. If we don’t count most of these bonus tracks, this is a very strong album. Like I said, if those two songs were switched, there wouldn’t be a single bad song on the main album.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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