Album 0411: Ragnarok – Blackdoor Miracle


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Black Metal


1. Preludium (01:55)
2. Heir Of Darkness (04:27)
3. Recreation Of The Angel (06:19)
4. Rites Of Geburah (04:30)
5. Blackdoor Miracle (04:44)
6. Murder (05:17)
7. Kneel (04:07)
8. Bless Thee For Granting Me Pain (04:14)
9. Journey From Life (06:45)

Total Length: 42:17

Preludium is a pretty awesome intro. It’s sufficiently creepy and guitar oriented, and works well on its own as well as introducing the album. Heir Of Darkness is fantastic as well, I just love how this band crafts their sound. The album cover is kind of embarrassing to be honest, but hten once I hear this music it makes it all worth it. Recreation Of The Angel is pretty solid as well. There aren’t as many great moments as the previous track or some of the later ones, and it’s fairly long, but that’s okay.

Rites Of Geburah is also not as polished as some of the other tracks on here, but fairly enjoyable. Blackdoor Miracle is a much stronger song, it takes a bit of time to get going and the riffs are great. Murder is probably the best song on here, it’s just so catchy and awesome. Just awesome. That word works. Kneel is pretty great as well. It’s kind of amazing how sold this all is. There are a few clunky moments, but it’s never insulting.

Bless Thee For Granting Me Pain is cool too, again the riffs are a highlight. The vocals on this album are quite good too, understandable and harsh and melodic. It’s a rare mixture. I also really like the production on here, it sounds like classic black metal but there is more of an emphasis on bass compared to some other acts. Journey From Life is a solid ending track with some good moments. If they had a few more songs like Murder it would be amazing, but this is still a classy album.

Final Rating: 8/10


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