Album 0412: Kamelot – Poetry For The Poisoned


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Power Metal


1. The Great Pandemonium (04:22)
2. If Tomorrow Came (03:55)
3. Dear Editor (01:18)
4. The Zodiac (04:00)
5. Hunter’s Season (05:34)
6. House On A Hill (04:15)
7. Necropolis (04:18)
8. My Train Of Thoughts (04:07)
9. Seal Of Woven Years (05:12)
10. Poetry For The Poisoned, Pt. I: Incubus (2:57)
11. Poetry For The Poisoned, Pt. II: So Long (3:24)
12. Poetry For The Poisoned, Pt. III: All Is Over (1:03)
13. Poetry For The Poisoned, Pt. IV: Dissection (01:58)
14. Once Upon A Time (03:48)
15. Where The Wild Roses Grow (03:59)

Total Length: 54:09

The Great Pandemonium is a pretty solid starting track. It never really gets to the heights that I think they wanted it to, other than the last twenty seconds. Having a guest vocalist on this track does help set it apart though. If Tomorrow Came is the same deal. It feels very held back, like they were more focused on things other than making the song as invigorating as it could possibly be. Style and atmosphere came before a better arrangement.

Dear Editor almost works as a creepy intro, but the dual vocals for it are more funny than scary. When you can only clearly hear the chipmunk voice, it’s hard to take it seriously. The Zodiac is kind of nice with Jon Oliva tagging in during the chorus, but the song doesn’t really go anywhere, and it feels kind of cheap overall. Hunter’s Season also doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s longer than it needs to be, and the guest guitar solo feels useless.

House On A Hill is a softer song, a ballad with some extra vocals from Simone Simons. She helps elevate the song, but that’s not saying much. It’s very dry and basic. Necropolis is just boring. It doesn’t do anything. They have a riff, it gets repeated throughout, and that’s all there is to the song. My Train Of Thoughts has a long opening and then has the exact same issue as the previous track. The chorus is kind of catchy, but not enough.

Seal Of Woven Years is honestly one of the better songs, with catchy guitars and a few other memorable moments. Poetry For The Poisoned is a suite of tracks lasting just over nine minutes, beginning with Incubus. This track, unlike most of the album, is actually kind of fun. The last bit of it I could do without though. So Long is amazing too, with great guitars and Simone Simons returns for some great vocals. The song makes this album finally feel like it’s on the right track.

All Is Over is a fairly nice little track, nothing bad and nothing amazing. Dissection works the same, it’s a fairly decent end for this bigger song. Once Upon A Time feels like some of the band’s older works, and it has all the markings and trappings that come along with that. It’s catchy but I don’t feel I gained anything from it. Where The Wild Roses Grow is a cover of Nick Cave and it’s one of the best songs on here. Kind of telling of the overall quality on the album since it’s a cover, but that doesn’t mean I mind hearing this song. It works extremely well and I love the feel of it. The rest of the album I can mostly take it or leave it. They just didn’t have ‘it’ going on.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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