Album 0416: Forefather – Steadfast

Forefather-Steadfast (2)

Release Date: 2008
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Brunanburh (04:53)
2. Cween Of The Mark (04:25)
3. Theodish Belief (05:21)
4. Hallowed Halls (05:52)
5. Steadfast (05:07)
6. Three Great Ships (05:12)
7. Eostre (03:34)
8. Fire From The Sky (04:50)
9. Mellowing Of The Mains (05:32)
10. Wolfhead’s Tree (04:56)
11. Miri It Is (05:43)

Total Length: 55:24

Brunanburh starts off the album in a fantastic way. After not being too impressed with the first Forefather album I heard, this was a great surprise and I was glad to hear this level of quality from the band. The mix of vocals work well too, the clean being preferable to the harsh, though. Cween Of The Mark is just amazing, I simply love the guitars in it and the black metal influence shining through the whole track.

Theodish Belief is very cool as well, guitars being the highlight once again. It’s not as polished of a song, but still good. Hallowed Halls has a pretty great chorus and some neat moments otherwise as well. Steadfast has a great main riff and is just pretty solid. Three Great Ships is much the same, though I can’t talk about it too much. I just can’t enunciate about it because it doesn’t strike me enough to want to. That’s how most of this album goes, pretty nice but not enough for me to rave about.

Eostre is a very nice instrumental, a little bit slower than the other tracks and focused on some nice melody. Fire From The Sky is pretty cool, though by this point the inadequacy of the harsh vocals is starting to show more. The clean ones just completely outdo them. Mellowing Of The Mains has a few nice moments to it. Wolfhead’s Tree is the same, it doesn’t really stick with me. Miri It Is finishes things off in a fine way, of the same quality or better than the last few tracks. This album surprised me, but it’s not one I’m dying to hear again after listening to it a few times.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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