Album 0418: Kalmah – Swamplord


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


1. Evil In You (05:08)
2. Withering Away (03:34)
3. Heritance Of Berija (04:30)
4. Black Roija (04:15)
5. Dance Of The Water (04:32)
6. Hades (04:25)
7. Alteration (04:41)
8. Using The Word (05:07)
9. The Blind Leader (03:13)
10. Vezi Doroga (03:52)

Total Length: 43:16

Evil In You is a masterful song with nearly a weak opening. The drums sound awkward by themselves, but soon the band starts piling it on. Bass, guitar, riffs, melodies, it keeps adding on until the vocals come in and then there are plenty of parts you could pay attention to. It’s ridiculous how well crafted it is. The ending is good as well. Withering Away gets the energy flowing right away again, though it’s not of the same quality as the opener.

Heritance Of Berija thankfully doesn’t have that same issue, with a wonderful opening that keeps expanding and opening up. It’s kind of joyful to listen to, in an odd sense. Black Roija has a ton of great moments. I really enjoy the vocals on here, they are melodic and blend well with the music. Dance Of The Water is a decent song, the only part that really sticks with me is some of the guitar licks, which admittedly kind of saves the song.

Hades is kind of a beast of a song with a ton of neat things going on, it’s hard to dislike it. Alteration is pretty solid as well, even after hearing this album for a while I’m still genuinely impressed. These aren’t exactly the level of quality of songs that has me singing them to myself, but they do have some indistinguishable quality to them. Using The Word isn’t quite as memorable, but still a fine enough track.

The Blind Leader and the next track are bonus songs from their demo, and they are of a noticeably lesser quality. They still sound fine, and compare with some early death metal production qualities. This song is all around decent, not up to the level as the main album. They do re-do this song on their second album, it’s more polished there. Vezi Doroga is the only track from that demo to not have been remade which is a shame, as it’s better than the previous song. It does feel like it had some influence on other songs though. This album definitely surprised me the first time I heard it, I had thought this band would be nothing special, but I was proven wrong.

Final Rating: 8/10

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