Album 0422: Mad Caddies – Just One More


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Drinking For 11 (03:56)
2. Contraband (01:19)
3. Villains (02:15)
4. Silence (02:49)
5. Just One More (03:26)
6. Day By Day (02:47)
7. Leavin’ (03:00)
8. Rockupation (03:04)
9. Last Breath (03:22)
10. Spare Change? (03:10)
11. Riot (02:29)
12. 10 West (03:06)
13. Good Intentions (03:04)
14. Wet Dog (03:09)
15. Game Show (03:20)

Total Length: 44:15

Drinking For 11 starts off this, the Caddies’ most diverse album, in a nice, calm way. I can’t say this is how I would have ordered the tracks, but this is still a strong track. It’s laid back, but with a somber atmosphere. Contraband is the absolute opposite, it’s fast and angry and just kind of blows by. It kind of doesn’t feel genuine from the band, but I like it. Villains is a mixture of a punk song with some rockabilly. I always love when the band breaks out the banjo, it just leads to good things.

Silence is yet another heavy song, which is kind of my issue. They load up the front end with some absolutely antagonistic (to each other) songs. I still kind of like this song, but it has issues. Just One More is really odd being the title track, I can only imagine they liked the title more than what the song represented. It’s kind of Spanish-influenced and tries to portray that atmosphere, and they almost pull it off. Just kind of clunky.

Day By Day is a decent song, it feels kind of run-in-the-mill, like a couple songs that they did better on their previous album. Leavin’ is a step up from the two previous songs though, with a legitimately fun atmosphere and rhythm. I can not help but sing along, and the lyrics are fairly relatable. Rockupation, if you can’t tell from the title, is more like a general rock song. In that sense, it’s boring and features almost nothing from the band that made me love them in the first place.

Last Breath at least has that near-swing type feel, and even if the lyrics aren’t for me, I still like the whole of the song. Spare Change? brings back more of the reggae feel, and that’s why this is one of the best songs on the album. Riot does that about face on the tone again, being the second heaviest song on here, following the second softest. It’s a really weird thing to do, but I mostly like the song. It takes on some ‘arena rock’ qualities that I despise though.

10 West feels exactly like track six, and there’s not much difference between them. They’re both at the same level of ‘okay.’ Good Intentions is pretty boring in all honesty. It’s just generic sludge that wasn’t even single bait. Wet Dog is moody and just feels kind of gross. The whole album kind of loses traction here in these last few songs, like they suddenly tacked on the songs that weren’t going to be on the album. Game Show has a neat metaphor, and that’s the only really good thing I can say about it. There was a point where I had a much higher opinion of this album, and it gets harder and harder to realize why that was.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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