Album 0423: Equilibrium – Turis Fratyr


Release Date: 2005
Genre: Folk/Black Metal


1. Turis Fratyr (00:35)
2. Wingthors Hammer (Wingthor’s Hammer) (06:41)
3. Under Der Eiche (Under The Oak) (04:51)
4. Der Sturm (The Storm) (03:45)
5. Widars Hallen (Widar’s Hall) (08:17)
6. Met (Mead) (02:24)
7. Heimdalls Rud (Heimdall’s Call) (01:51)
8. Die Prophezeiung (The Prophecy) (05:19)
9. Nordheim (North Home) (05:12)
10. Im Fackelshein (In The Torchlight) (01:59)
11. Tote Heldensagen (Dead Hero Legends) (09:11)
12. Wald Der Freiheit (Woods Of Freedom) (03:01)
13. Shingo Murata/Kedakaki Vaikingu Tamashii (気高きヴァイキング魂/Noble Viking Spirit) (05:29)

Total Length: 58:33

Turis Fratyr is an intro title track, there’s really not much to it. Frankly it’s short enough that it could have just been folded into Wingthors Hammer, which is an awesome, fast song. I love the folk elements and the mixture of harsh vocals, there’s a couple different styles to them. It just simply feels fun. The arrangement is great, one moment your attention is drawn to the guitars, the next it’s the bass with the synth sounds.

Unter Der Eiche is a pretty solid song as well, but falls kind of short with the songs surrounding it. I really love the little bit right before the end though. Der Sturm feels a bit more generic at times, but is great as well. It just kind of hits you and doesn’t let up at nearly any point before the slightly-too-lengthy ending. Widars Hallen kind of expands on all the ideas brought forth so far, being more of a larger track. It’s kind of fantastic, and the last minute brings a new thing in the form of some clean female vocals, they’re a nice calm breather.

That breather is especially needed since Met is probably the heaviest (and weirdest) track on here. It’s probably supposed to be their form of a drinking song, but the surprising bit is how deep the vocals are on the chorus. It feels like a heavier Korpiklaani, and I like it. Heimdalls Ruf is a calm instrumental, kind of like a rally or a march, a prelude to war. Die Prophezeiung has a fantastic intro, and the rest of the song holds up pretty well too.

Nordheim is solid as well, if a bit superfluous. Im Fackelshein is kind of creepy, and reminds me of some Dark Souls stuff. I really enjoy it, especially as an intro to the next song. Tote Heldensagen is a big song and really great, it’s the song that got me into this band. Wald Der Freiheit ends the normal album with a very Devin Townsend Feathers vibe, I like it. Shingo Murata/Kedakaki Vaikingu Tamashii is the bonus track, with some kind of ties to a Japanese audience. It’s kind of out there and really fun, it’s almost like they stuck a DragonForce song in here, but better than that band still. I really enjoy this album, but it does get a bit of samey. They have really neat ideas, and I’d love for them to just fine tune it some more.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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