Album 0424: Edna’s Goldfish – The Elements Of Transition


Release Date: 1999
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. The Elements Of Transition (00:29)
2. Avoiding The Swerve (04:20)
3. Everyone I Know Is From Lindenhurst (03:00)
4. Veronica Sawyer (03:30)
5. Invincible (03:45)
6. It Will Be You (03:35)
7. World Over (03:09)
8. 1800 Miles To Nowhere (02:29)
9. Instant Message (03:59)
10. Get To You (02:52)
11. Four Days In November (03:25)
12. Harper And Parker (02:43)
13. More Sides (04:14)
14. The Elements Of Transition (00:31)

Total Length: 42:01

The Elements Of Transition is a short intro, yet kind of profoundly disturbing in a way I can’t adequately describe. Avoiding The Swerve has a pretty great intro and is kind of a classic song. There are things that bother me about it though, just something about the atmosphere bothers me and I don’t really like the bass. Really most of this can be blamed on the production, it’s just boring. Everyone I Know Is From Lindenhurst kind of carries on/starts the overall theme on the album regarding distance, travel, and communication. It’s kind of neat that a lot of it ties together. This song is fun but again the production drags it down.

Veronica Sawyer is also kind of a classic song, probably what the band is best known for. It’s pretty great. Invincible however is just plain annoying, for previously mentioned reasons and I really hate the chorus. It Will Be You is kind of annoying as well. World Over just feels like a complete ‘high school’ song. It’s so simple and boring in that sense. 1800 Miles To Nowhere is a fairly good song though, I’ve always had a little soft spot for it.

Instant Message dates itself pretty bad with the lyrics, and the rest of the song is just a notch above boring. Get To You is almost fun but it’s kind of a waste of a song. Four Days In November is much the same. I’m just bored. Harper And Parker is almost decent. More Sides is kind of soft and dirty, it’s different but still not really for me. The Elements Of Transition comes back to finish things off in the same manner it started. This whole album is just kind of discomforting, it’s strange.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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