Album 0427: Disillusion – Back To Times Of Splendor


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. …And The Mirror Cracked (08:28)
2. Fall (04:54)
3. Alone I Stand In Fires (06:53)
4. Back To Times Of Splendor (14:39)
5. A Day By The Lake (04:54)
6. The Sleep Of Restless Hours (17:03)

Total Length: 56:50

…And The Mirror Cracked is a monster of a song, though admittedly on an album filled with behemoths. The riffs are immediately gripping, I love the fast pace and different sections through the whole song, and I don’t think I’d be able to gush on the vocals here enough. Fall is a great, shorter song as well. This one is highly reminiscent of the material the band presented on their EP before this album. It’s just a great mixture of progressive material through the lens of extreme metal.

Alone I Stand In Fires isn’t quite as invigorating as the previous tracks, but still a very solid song. Back To Times Of Splendor is a big piece. I really love the symphonic intro, and the song keeps building and going in different directions. It’s hard to describe, but I am never at any point bored in this humongous track. I really like the opening theme coming back as well, and the only part I could say anything negative about is the fastest section. It’s a short one, but the mastering meant that overall that part feels lower in volume to the rest of it.

A Day By The Lake is laid back and has these repeating guitars throughout that are fairly neat. It feels like more of an intro to the last track than its own piece. The Sleep Of Restless Hours is enormous, starting with an acoustic guitar to build things up. We get some amazing stuff here, it’s really tough to describe. I could probably describe this section by section, but it’s not really in me right now. Just know that it’s amazing and entirely worth checking out, this whole album is.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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