Album 0428: Metallica – Master Of Puppets


Release Date: 1986
Genre: Thrash Metal


1. Battery (05:14)
2. Master Of Puppets (08:38)
3. The Thing That Should Not Be (06:39)
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (06:30)
5. Disposable Heroes (08:18)
6. Leper Messiah (05:44)
7. Orion (08:29)
8. Damage, Inc. (05:30)

Total Length: 55:01

Battery begins this monster of an album with a gorgeous usage of acoustic guitars before getting into a really powerful riff that alternates between galloping and doing some other odd things. Just a very strong song to start this album with, the chorus is a highlight too. Master Of Puppets is a classic track, with an opening riff that anyone playing guitar tries at some point. Some times I think this song is a bit too long, but I never really get bored during it. Just a pleasant mix of all sorts of things.

The Thing That Should Not Be is probably my least favorite song on here, it’s just kind of odd at parts. Mostly I’m not fond of the solo and the last couple minutes. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is a bit slower paced and I certainly like it more than the previous track. It focuses more on the melody and is dark in a good. Disposable Heroes is also unnecessarily long and a little bit boring to me. The only thing that really sticks with me is the guitar lead after the prechorus.

Leper Messiah is also slightly uninteresting to me. It’s hard to place into words, but it just plain doesn’t catch me. Orion is a big instrumental track. It’s got a ton of great riffs and moments on it, and kind of stands out. Damage, Inc. is probably the fastest song on the album after the atmospheric intro. It doesn’t pull any punches in any way and it is pretty fantastic. It’s a good end to this classic album. I can’t admit to liking all of it, but none of it truly bothers me.

Final Rating: 8/10


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