Album 0429: Borknagar – Quintessence


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Black Metal


1. Rivalry Of Phantoms (04:36)
2. The Presence Is Ominous (04:55)
3. Ruins Of The Future (04:55)
4. Colossus (04:28)
5. Inner Landscape (02:51)
6. Invincible (04:25)
7. Icon Dreams (04:33)
8. Genesis Torn (05:15)
9. Embers (01:26)
10. Revolt (06:05)

Total Length: 43:28

Rivalry Of Phantoms doesn’t even hesitate before blasting into its opening, and it’s fairly good. This album was intended to be more straight forward than what the band had done before, so ICS Vortex kind of subdues his vocals here, but they still pop out. The Presence Is Ominous lets those shine through more, and I enjoy it much more than the opener. Ruins Of The Future is pretty solid as well, and covers a couple different tempos throughout. It’s a neat variety.

Colossus has some good moments as well, but nothing I really love. Inner Landscape is a short instrumental, more of an interlude. It’s got some cool keyboard stuff in it. Invincible has some neat things going on, but unfortunately these songs don’t grip me. They don’t urge me to come back around and listen again once they’re over. Icon Dreams has this same issue, but it has more clean ICS vocal goodness.

Genesis Torn has some very cool bits as well, especially near the end. Embers is kind of a prelude to the last track, it’s a really basic instrumental. I’m not too fond of it. Revolt starts off well, but goes on a bit long. I wish I liked this more, and this band in general more, but it’s just not my style. It doesn’t focus on the things that I prefer, but not everything can be a winner.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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