Album 0432: Why? – Eskimo Snow


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Indie Rock


1. These Hands (01:46)
2. January Twenty Something (02:24)
3. Against Me (05:12)
4. Even The Good Wood Gone (04:19)
5. Into The Shadows Of My Embrace (04:35)
6. One Rose (03:53)
7. On Rose Walk, Insomniac (02:08)
8. Berkeley By Hearseback (03:40)
9. This Blackest Purse (05:16)
10. Eskimo Snow (02:29)

Total Length: 35:44

These Hands is a nice intro, and it still makes these guys sound like an alternate/mature They Might Be Giants. I just really love the arrangement here. January Twenty Something kind of loses all of its forward momentum in the chorus, but it’s still fairly nice. Against Me is pretty great, I especially love when some of the synth sounds come in and it’s just this bevy of beautiful textures. Just solid all around.

Even The Good Wood Gone has some fun moments as well, though it does that same thing where everything slows down suddenly and kills the pace. I really love the acoustic guitar and piano though. Into The Shadows Of My Embrace has a ton of cool stuff too, this band loves their bell sounds and I can’t help but agree with them. One Rose is a bit slow but overall good, and I can’t help but love that they put in a direct reference to a song from their previous album.

On Rose Walk, Insomniac is kind of short and fast, and unbelievably good. Too good almost. Berkeley By Hearseback is a bit of a step down, but still very solid. This Blackest Purse is much the same, it doesn’t really stick with me. Eskimo Snow is slower and soft, it’s pretty nice. I like it a bit more when these guys are upbeat, but they do all sorts of moods well. This is way more of a solid album for them, they seem to get better each time.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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