Album 0433: Danny Elfman – The Frighteners Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 1996
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Intro/Titles (05:45)
2. The Lads (02:04)
3. Polttergeists (02:11)
4. Victim #38 (01:54)
5. Who’s Next? (01:46)
6. The Garden (03:09)
7. Chilly (01:30)
8. Time (04:49)
9. Patty’s Place (02:14)
10. Flashbacks (01:10)
11. Patty Attack (03:07)
12. Frank’s Wife (00:53)
13. Doom (03:11)
14. Heaven (01:45)

Total Length: 35:27

Intro/Titles is kind of the highlight of this whole record for me. It covers all the main themes, and has all the nice little Elfman flairs scattered throughout. Just plain enjoyable. The Lads has a bit of pep to its step, the arrangement is kind of the highlight here. Poltergeists doesn’t work as well here outside of the film. Victim #38 is kind of creepy yet somber. Who’s Next? is a decent enough piece.

The Garden seems to crib a bit from some of Elfman’s previous scores, and it’s alright. Chilly actually feels like the Coraline soundtrack, except that was way later, and another composer. Time is a big old piece and has some neat things in it. Patty’s Place is fairly creepy. Flashbacks just doesn’t do anything.

Patty Attack is kind of heavier and big. Frank’s Wife is just a whatever track, honestly. Doom has some cool moments in it though. Heaven is okay. I like this movie, but this isn’t one of his stronger soundtracks. It kind of takes more of a backseat approach.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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