Album 0434: Katatonia – Brave Murder Day


Release Date: 1996
Genre: Death/Doom Metal


1. Brave (10:16)
2. Murder (04:54)
3. Day (04:28)
4. Rainroom (06:32)
5. 12 (08:18)
6. Endtime (06:45)

Total Length: 41:14

Brave starts off with some fantastic riffs and vocals by Mikael Akerfeldt. It’s kind of beautiful. The whole song is full of these really, it’s great. Murder continues this on with more great vocals and a creepy atmosphere. Solid track. Day is nice, it’s even creepier though I feel the rhythm never quit makes sense to me. It’s a softer song though, and stands out for that.

Rainroom gets right back into the heavy fold, it’s quite a good track. 12 is a big song akin to the first track and just features so much cool stuff in it. Endtime is a big song as well, quite enjoyable. Very few bits of these songs really keep me coming back over and over, but it’s always great to listen to.

Final Rating: 8/10


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