Album 0435: Catamenia – Location: COLD


Release Date: 2006
Genre: Melodic Black Metal


1. Tribe Of Eternity (05:20)
2. Gallery Of Fear (04:37)
3. Coldbound (05:16)
4. Tuhat Vuotta (04:15)
5. Closed Gates Of Hope (04:34)
6. Zero Gravity (04:41)
7. Location: COLD (05:33)
8. The Day When The Sun Faded Away (05:17)
9. Expect No Mercy (04:28)
10. I Wanna Be Somebody (03:11)

Total Length: 47:13

Tribe Of Eternity is a hell of a song to start off with, featuring a blistering riff and unforgettable chorus. Just plain fantastic. Gallery Of Fear is great as well, and has a bit more influence from the keyboards too. Coldbound is fun and even the generic bridge pleases my ears. This is simply upbeat in a weird way. Tuhat Vuotta is great as well, I love the mixture of vocals on it, you can pick out different voices or let the full mix wash over you.

Closed Gates Of Hope has this in the chorus as well, it’s a frantic song that does its job spectacularly well. Zero Gravity doesn’t offer anything special, it’s just a nice, solid track. Location: COLD is great too, again I love the use of vocals. The Day When The Sun Faded Away has this too, though it’s not quite as strong a song.

Expect No Mercy is pretty awesome, it’s kind of a ‘tougher’ song than the others. I Wanna Be Somebody is a cover of W.A.S.P. and it’s kind of fun. It’s not great, but the chorus is weird simply because it is a cover, in that way. I enjoy this album, but it’s not quite up to this mysterious level that I unfortunately can’t describe. It doesn’t beg me to listen to it over and over.

Final Rating: 8/10


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