Album 0437: Firewind – Days Of Defiance


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Power Metal


1. The Ark Of Lies (04:44)
2. World On Fire (04:38)
3. Chariot (04:38)
4. Embrace The Sun (04:05)
5. The Departure (00:44)
6. Heading For The Dawn (04:00)
7. Broken (03:24)
8. Cold As Ice (04:34)
9. Kill In The Name Of Love (04:27)
10. SKG (05:19)
11. Losing Faith (04:11)
12. The Yearning (04:53)
13. When All Is Said And Done (05:08)
14. Wild Rose (04:25)
15. Ride To The Rainbow’s End (04:32)
16. Breaking The Law (02:38)

Total Length: 01:06:20

The Ark Of Lies is a decent intro song with a decent intro of its own. It has a fairly nice chorus, and I like some of the guitar bits going on in the background. World On Fire is an okay track, and kind of exemplifies this whole album. It’s nothing you can hate, it’s just very baseline and almost boring. Chariot is much the same as well. Embrace The Sun is almost neat as well, these songs just need an extra flair, another songwriter to weigh in on them.

The Departure is basically an intro, it’s kind of nice. Heading For The Dawn is an above average song for the band, but I still forget everything about it the moment it is over. Broken is kind of their attempt at a ballad, but again it falls short. Cold As Ice basically sounds like a lesser song from Dream Evil’s first album, so Gus G is kind of ripping himself off here, which is why this is probably the best song on the album.

Kill In The Name Of Love is pretty boring, to be honest. SKG is an instrumental and one of the better tracks for it, it actually has some memorable bits. Losing Faith is fairly decent, it at least has a catchy hook. The Yearning doesn’t set itself apart in any real way though. When All Is Said And Done is kind of neat though, it has a couple moments that would be great in other songs. Wild Rose is completely unimaginative, same thing with Ride To The Rainbow’s End. Judas Priest originally did Breaking The Law and the cover here is decent but definitely lesser than the original. Firewind is a band that I don’t think will ever captivate me.

Final Rating: 6/10


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