Album 0438: Insomnium – Since The Day It All Came Down

Insomnium Since The Day It All Came Down

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


1. Nocturne (01:58)
2. The Day It All Came Down (04:56)
3. Daughter Of The Moon (06:10)
4. The Moment Of Reckoning (05:46)
5. Bereavement (04:16)
6. Under The Plaintive Sky (04:10)
7. Resonance (02:30)
8. Death Walked The Earth (05:09)
9. Disengagement (08:39)
10. Closing Words (04:26)
11. Song Of The Forlorn Son (05:45)

Total Length: 53:45

Nocturne is a pretty effective intro, I’m a huge sucker for dark, creepy pianos. The Day It All Came Down has some cool bits in it, but this whole band and album feels like it’s missing something. It’s not on the level of the previous album, but it’s the same basic idea. They have neat concepts, but self contain it and it all feels similar to each other and never goes anywhere. Daughter Of The Moon is much the same.

These tracks could be switched around with each other at no real cost to the album. There’s almost no ebb and flow here. The Moment Of Reckoning continues on this path of blandness. Bereavement offers nothing new. Under The Plaintive Sky just turns my brain off. As in I literally can’t remember anything about it while it plays. Resonance is more of an intro track, kind of an acoustic musing that is at least kind of something different.

Death Walked The Earth has some fairly good moments, that again could have been used way more effectively by other bands. It also sounds really weird when it switches to the clean/acoustic part, like the mastering engineer couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Disengagement tries to be a ‘bigger’ song by changing things up multiple times throughout its run, but it just doesn’t work. Closing Words is bland as hell. Song Of The Forlorn Son doesn’t do anything at all. I want to like these guys’ style, but it’s just not clear what exactly they want from me. I’m probably spouting nonsense, but it’s hard to make clear why this just sits there like a dead fish.

Final Rating: 5/10


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