Album 0439: Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness


Release Date: 1989
Genre: Death Metal


1. Immortal Rites (04:04)
2. Suffocation (03:15)
3. Visions From The Dark Side (04:10)
4. Maze Of Torment (04:25)
5. Lord Of All Fevers & Plague (03:26)
6. Chapel Of Ghouls (04:58)
7. Bleed For The Devil (02:23)
8. Damnation (04:10)
9. Blasphemy (03:32)
10. Evil Spells (04:12)
11. Maze Of Torment (remixed) (04:24)
12. Chapel Of Ghouls (remixed) (04:56)
13. Blasphemy (remixed) (03:26)

Total Length: 51:21

Immortal Rites is a fantastic song that makes this album start running. It has a weird but memorable intro, some great riffs, and even hints at a symphonic death metal fusion that didn’t really get explored by them or other bands until later. The vocals aren’t my favorite, but they work fine. Suffocation is solid as well, but nothing stands out as much as the previous song. Visions From The Dark Side has some great riffs as well, though I wish the few seconds at the end could have been expanded on more.

Maze Of Torment doesn’t really stand out, it’s just fairly good. Lord Of All Fevers & Plague has some great riffs and rhythms, it’s a fun song. Chapel OF Ghouls is pretty great because honestly I find the lyrics humorous and the song has good riffs. Bleed For The Devil is decent, but doesn’t set itself apart. Damnation is much the same. I want to find joy in these songs, but all I find are some good riffs that satiate me for a short while.

Blasphemy continues this trend of staying the course. Evil Spells has a few neat moments in it, I suppose. The last three tracks are remixed versions, using all the same tracks and such. They don’t sound entirely different, but the drums are a bit cleaner and more present, and some things like the solos in certain tracks are louder. It’s kind of neat to hear, but not enough of a difference to really pay a whole lot of attention to. This album is just plain solid. It doesn’t grip me, but I can’t dislike it, it’s not bad.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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